The walk through! Why is it so important?

Synergy People pride ourselves on safety and quality. This goes for both our clients and our candidates.

This is why we conduct a walk through on every job.

Prior to accepting a job, we invest the time to conduct a walkthrough with our clients. This allows us to better understand the job, work environment, and team culture to ensure we select the right person. It also allows us to undertake a risk assessment to ensure we are only sending our people to a safe work environment.

We then conduct walk throughs with our people prior to placing them. Taking our candidates on a walk through the workplace is important in them understanding the role requirements, the workplace environment, safety protocols, and the team culture. During the walk through we also discuss with our candidates where to go on their first day, where break rooms and amenities are located, and introduce them to key personnel that will assist them should they be successful. This provides candidates with the opportunity to find out whether the role is suitable to them, as well as allowing them to ask any questions they may have.

This upfront investment of time leads to clearer expectations of job role, higher performance, less lost time, and reduced turnover.

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