The Parallels Between Managing High Performing Athletes and Industrial Workforces

Synergy People recently announced the appointment of ex-professional NRL High Performance Coach and player Cherry Mescia as our Workforce Co-ordinator.

Drawing upon decades of coaching experience within Wests Tigers, Sydney Roosters and St George-Illawarra Dragons, Cherry’s role within our organisation is to develop, lead and ensure the wellbeing of our valuable contingent workforce, nationally.

“There are many parallels that can be drawn between developing and managing industrial workforces and high-performance athletic teams” explains Cherry.

“Essentially, the defining principles of high performing workforces and athletes are the same: trust, self-awareness and consistency. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a pharmaceutical scientist, electrician or on an assembly line – it is imperative to possess these principals and the dedicated coaching and development of them in contingent workforces is what Synergy People’s point of difference is.”

Whilst standards are often dependant on an organisation’s values and culture, Cherry Mescia is actively working with our workforces to develop and uphold a higher-than-average perception of what contingent employees would typically maintain.

“Since joining Synergy People, it’s become very evident that we are dedicated to a level of detail that other recruitment firms aren’t. If we are at a factory to induct an individual or workforce alongside other temporary employees, the way our people are presented is very different – it’s evident that we care about the details”.

“Much like coaching a professional athlete, we will ask the tough questions, we are continually upskilling our people and moving them towards their goals. We are asking them to be better, so we are consistently working to optimise their performance and manage the aspects of their role that others aren’t.”

Synergy People is committed to optimising business performance through people.