Synergy Jobfit

Synergy Jobfit is an innovative new approach to enable selection, job-matching, onboarding, management, development, engagement, analysis and retention of top talent. Our globally proven, customisable psychometric assessment platform offers 21st century solutions for 21st century people challenges.

People are the primary asset of most businesses and everyone is competing for the best talent in today’s tough marketplace. Our cloud-based, next generation Jobfit People Assessment Platform provides the edge you need to get ahead.

Successfully hiring and managing people is equal parts science and art. Our globally proven Jobfit People Assessment Platform provides the science and data to underpin the strategies, plans and decisions of our expert consultants.

The Jobfit platform is fully customisable and tailored to meet specific client, job and people needs to ensure the best chance of success, increasing the probability of identifying future top performers by up to 300%.

Skills, experience and company match are the tip of the iceberg (10%) and easily seen; it is the thinking style, occupational interests and behavioural traits hidden below the surface (90%) that Jobfit scientifically identifies that unlocks potential, making the difference in optimising workforces.

Synergy Jobfit underpins our bespoke professional services designed to support our clients to optimise workforce strength, agility and performance.

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