Positioning for Recovery after COVID – 19

In these uncertain times, the one asset we can control is our time. If you find yourself with more time than you would like, we recommend that you remain productive and invest in positioning yourself and/or your organisation for the inevitable recovery by:

1.Clarifying your personal and/or business brand story:

  • What have you got to offer?
  • Who will you be offering it to?
  • Why should they choose you over your opposition?

2.Get your house in order:

  • Review the quality and adequacy of your resume or sales tools. Does it represent your personal/business brand, and does it stand out from the crowd?
  • Ensure your personal/business competencies, qualifications and business systems are aligned with your brand story

3.Step up your networking:

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate – Don’t withdraw, stay in the game!

4.See it as an investment in the future

  • Don’t expect instant results, keep your eye on the end game.
  • Be prepared to invest your time, skills and experience to support your network as that same. network may support you in the future.

Of course, there remains a lot of uncertainty about what a recovery may look like and when it might occur. It is certain though that things will normalise at some point (albeit it may be a new reality) and new opportunities will arise. At Synergy, we are already starting to work with some of our clients to plan future workforce requirements so we should all stay positive and keep productive.

We remain committed to supporting our people, clients and community through this disruption to ensure a positive future for us all.

Wishing you all the best,

Colin Taylor
Synergy People