Planning for the workforce of the future.

The future workforce will be vastly different to what we have been accustomed and will challenge traditional management theory and process. Technological change, business innovation, increasing operating environment disruption along with the needs of the emergence of the millennial workforce focus will require a shift from traditional long-range planning to agile management to drive workforce agility.

Agile management not unlike elite professional sporting organisations where “rosters” from the coach down are continually managed to balance strategy, organisational needs, immediate results with commercial realities. Coaches (management) and athletes (workers) are actively recruited on fixed term contracts based on specific capabilities to deliver agreed objectives required to deliver the strategy. In return the coaches and athletes are very well compensated and intensely developed to maximise performance whilst they are at the organisation. Organisation, coaches and athletes who do this well have long-term success.

Although the agile workforce management approach may vary from company to company, the need to adapt to the new age operating environment is almost certain. How agile is your workforce?

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