Improve Results from Your Employees by Focusing on Strengths, Not Weaknesses

Gallup Research has studied the effects on human behavior in the workplace in regards to engagement on the job. When employers focused on using the strengths of the employee, they accelerated performance and this benefited the company, more than trying to improve on the perceived weaknesses.

When the focus remained on their strengths, the talent would continue to deliver near perfect performance. This further strengthened these skills sets also and helped to keep employees motivated.  This causes employees to remain engaged at work, reduce turnover, and to provide their best performance in their position. After all, the goal is to keep the people you bring in through your recruitment efforts, rather than having to constantly engage your recruitment agency.

In order to ensure employees are constantly focusing on their strengths, there are four key essential items to focus on:

  1. Set goals and expectations based on the strengths of the employees.
  2. Maintain a list of the strengths of each team member and match assignments based on this information.
  3. Have in-depth and meaningful conversations with each employee to cover their areas of strength. These conversations can begin as soon as you bring them into the company as part of your permanent recruitment efforts.
  4. Build on the strengths that each staff member has and avoid demotivating him or her by trying to focus on weaknesses.

It seems odd for an employer to overlook the weaknesses and focus on the strengths of their team instead. But as Gallup discovered among 1,003 employers in the United States, the engagement of the staff jumped dramatically. In fact, in instances where employers changed their focus the number of engaged employees in a company changed from 2% to 61%, while the number of actively disengaged employees dropped from 40% to 1%.

Staff also found they felt a better sense of well-being when the focus changed. This means a reduction in stress levels and an overall improvement in the perceived quality of an employee’s life. This means fewer sick days are used, chronic disease risk is lowered, and employees band together to work towards the bottom line. It’s important to find the strengths of each team member and use those strengths in order to achieve a common goal in a group.

As you can see, it is possible to improve your results when you focus on the strengths, rather than the weaknesses of your employees. To find the perfect team of employees with the skills your business needs, use the services of a professional recruitment agency such as Synergy People today.