Getting and retaining good people.

“I can’t get good people” is becoming one of the most used phrases in business today. There is no doubt that this a real problem and will most likely worsen if we follow the overseas trend of extraordinary employee movement as we emerge from the pandemic. Therefore, we must reconsider traditional recruitment and retention thinking if we are to win the war for the best talent.

The traditional approach of placing a “Job Add” and expecting a host of talented candidates to be available when you need them and then to beg for the role is a thing of the past. The best talent is not sitting around waiting for an advertisement, they are either hard at work, planning their next move or waiting to be approached.

Recruiting in the new age will require active talent planning along with ongoing trawling of the market to identify and groom the best available talent for when it is required. When the talent is on the hook, it is imperative that a candidate value proposition is ready to go because they will be interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them. Once landed, the retention plan should start immediately because the options for talented employees won’t go away, and they will be explored if talent is not continually engaged, challenged, and rewarded.

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